Matties Bar & Grill

Welcome to Matties Sports Bar, Grill & Brewery


It is that time of year when giving thanks is one of our top priorities.
Year around we have a lot for which to be grateful, but certainly now
we would like to take the time and space to acknowledge a few here!

First of all, THANK you to all our VETERANS who have sacrificed valuable moments and opportunities of their lives to serve, while some have even made the ultimate sacrifice of their lives.

We are grateful for our freedom to serve what and when we want; and hire and serve who we please! Thank you veterans for upholding and protecting our precious freedoms!

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Next we say Thank you to our dedicated and hardworking STAFF! You show up daily and do your best to provide outstanding service to our clients. You come when called and endure long hours and sometimes thankless days. Employees, we APPRECIATE YOU!

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We won't forget our VENDORS in our thanks giving. Daily they arrive delivering our resources, finding their way through crowded spaces and stocking shelves with just what we need! THANKS Vendors!

We don't want to leave out MATTIE, who is the namesake of our restaurant and the owner's niece. Mattie has worked extremely hard to find her way to the top of the professional long distance runners and continues to fill us with pride and joy! Thanks Mattie, for your determination and the inspiration you provide! You make us all proud!

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Finally, we THANK YOU, our clientele, for without YOU, the business would not exist! Thank you for taking time out of your days to visit us, and for choosing to spend your hard earned dollars at our establishment! We appreciate YOU!

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